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Losing someone you love causes intense feelings that you can only overcome in time. When your loved one passes away without a will, going through probate can add weight to your grief. Fortunately, ProbateCash in West Palm Beach, FL, can help you collect your inheritance without waiting six months or longer, wherever you are. Learn more about how an inheritance advance works.

Get an Inheritance Advance in 3+ Days

The U.S. court system typically has a backlog of cases. It can take up to two years before you see any of your inheritance money. Court delays create a real hardship for families who need to pay creditors and sell the property.

A ProbateCash advance makes it possible for you and your family to get the property ready for sale and otherwise settle the estate. Using our services, you could get your inheritance in three or more days. An inheritance advance — also called a probate advance or estate advance — is a non-interest funding cash assignment.

Unlike a loan, you don’t have to pay interest or monthly payments while you settle the estate. Additionally, the terms are much easier than qualifying for a loan. Loans require good credit and charge you interest.

In contrast, ProbateCash charges a fee that you pay back when the inheritance money becomes available. Don’t get us confused with lenders that charge you interest on a loan. With ProbateCash, you can get an advance on the inheritance with no interest.

Inheritance Advance in West Palm Beach

ProbateCash offers fast delivery of funds so that you can settle the estate quickly. Our representatives do everything they can to minimize paperwork for grieving clients. So, the application process is simple. We are also available to answer all your questions.

We have streamlined the entire application process. You won’t get the third degree with us that you go through with traditional lenders. An inheritance advance is a non-recourse loan. You have no liability when you sign up for a cash advance. Depending on which option you choose, you may have no obligation until you settle the estate.

Don’t Live in West Palm Beach, FL? No Problem

ProbateCash offers inheritance advances throughout the United States.

How Much Can I Get as an Inheritance Advance?

ProbateCash provides advances up to $500,000. We advance a portion of your inheritance. That means you receive an upfront advance from us. You will receive the remainder of your inheritance once the courts settle the estate.

What if My Inheritance Falls Short of Expectations?

You may inherit less money due to the following reasons:

  • Creditors’ claims
  • Heirs’ claims
  • Disappointing estate sale
  • High attorney’s fees
  • Court delays

You have no liability for any shortfall or deficiency.

Contact us in West Palm Beach to expedite your Inheritance

An inheritance cash advance provides fast access to your inheritance money, without the burdens associated with a loan. Call (844) 867-9653 today to find out what you need to get started or contact us online to tell us about your situation.


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